Argentina is a country of huge contrasts: The Latin-American population, the descendants of the European immigrants and from the African slaves. Argentina achieved a harmonious co-existence of such different cultures as the Jewish and the Arab one.

But this was not achieved for the native populations of Argentina. After several campaigns of annihilation they were denied as population and culture and treated as inferior to the white Argentinean.

After depriving them from their land, the native population was left with unfertile estates, with no use for a cattle or agricultural production on a large scale. But the 'cattle-agricultural' frontier keeps on extending. Nowadays in order to cultivate crop, e.g. soy is devastating the forests. In other zones huge territorial grounds are sold, grounds where native people like the Mapuches used to live for centuries. Once again - as in the past - the losers are again the natives.

Creating a film about the history of extermination, discrimination, racism and exclusion in Argentina of the indigenous peoples. Creating a film to bring history to correct the cult of genocides and thus in order to keep the 'Argentinan Holocaust' from repeating itself. Creating a film in order to show that, despite of 500 years of genocide, hate, looting, humiliations, the native population still keeps on fighting with dignity. Creating a film in order to find the solutions for today's problems and to close the wounds of the past, which are still bleeding. Creating a film so that the ideas of Osvaldo Bayer arrive in this Bicentenary and - with his knowledge - the Argentineans can find a way which allows them to close this ditch with persists since the 19th Century